Common Stock Index




  • We cannot guarantee that any of these fish are currently in stock in our store, and we don't normally do special orders due to the unpredictability of our supplier's stock.  We are always open to suggestions on new fish to stock, however, so feel free to email us and let us know!
  • The prices we have provided here are NOT GUARANTEED, simply because we order fish in such a variety of sizes and developmental stages. In most item descriptions, we have given a tentative price range but the prices are always subject to change, usually based on the size and availability of the fish!
  • The best way to stay up-to-date on our current stock will be to sign up for our newsletter! We send out a notification every time we receive new livestock and dry goods (which is normally about once a week).
  • We DO NOT ship fish out of the area! We are a locally owned and operated service business and we do not have the stock to distribute fish online!