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        Due to the economy and workforce issues, our store will be closed through the end of the year.  The servicing department will remain operational but very limited.  We hope to resume normal business operations ASAP.  Make sure you get on our Newsletter and/or Facebook for updates and pop up hours.  Employment applications are HERE.

25 Years in Midland & The Permian Basin Texas, Wow! Click Here to see a special message and some images from over the last 2 and half decades!


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Aquarium Technologies is a company whose passion is the protection and recognition our natural world... Our business is directed by the support of our customers and clients who share a fascination and appreciation of our planet's water environments.  We strive to provide an opportunity for others to explore and enjoy a tangible part of Earth's many wildlifes - that otherwise may never be possible or is difficult to experience.  Furthermore, It is difficult to advocate the protection and appreciation of these endangered and wonderful places if their beauty and natural expression is hidden away.  Aquarium Technologies seeks to carefully and conscientiously bring the treasures of our natural world closer to you.

It is the objective of Aquarium Technologies that the display of these precious resources by unharmful means will not only protect our aquatic wildlife, but present an opportunity to many people to experience an obscure part of their world in some direct way, a way that will encourage and cultivate an understanding and compassion for one of the least known environments on Earth.

Craig Bill, Aquarium Technologies