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25 Years!
A look back at 25 Years of Aquarium Technologies

At 23 years old, I started Aquarium Technologies out of the back of my truck and a garage. Two and a half decades later, we are still going strong - now on the shortening list of Midland’s oldest businesses.

Aquarium Science as a hobby was easy... Aquarium Science as a job was a direct result of Roger Coughlin’s mentoring through Aquariums & More.
And Aquarium Science as a business is a direct result of you our customers and clients of many years. We were there with you in our community during every oil boom and bust, every new baby, the start of the internet, your new home and changing city mayor. Everyday.
Now I didn’t aim for such longevity. In fact, the City of Midland has never advocated us like other petroleum and industrial businesses even though we were part of the Chamber of Commerce and indigenous to Midland. Now, not to say that we do not have our own business challenges... waning profitability and economic pressure on small businesses is taking a toll on our 25 year enterprise.  But we prevail only with your blessings.  Every dollar you spend on our services, every time you shop with us instead of online, every time you mention us to your friends and families - you alone promote the livelihoods of our small team and our community.  I hope you feel great about this!  And why would such a unique aquatic specialty business do well in a most unlikely of desert places? We are successful because of our people: the dedicated coworkers and customers like you.
Like Jesse Beverly, our Service Manager and with us over 18 years, has indisputably shaped and stitched Aquarium Technologies over the years. His professional approach to customer service and work ethic I believe is a cornerstone - a vital aspect - of who were are.  Imagine having dedication and loyalty like this in your business.

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25 years is quite an achievement! In fact, one of my biggest achievements. If we were doing it wrong, we wouldn’t have lasted this long!
Thank you to all our cherished, patient and remarkable customers and clients! Please share stories or mention good words and pictures below.
Credit must also be given to our other Aquarium Technologies family and friends over time:
Roger Coughlin, Skye Ridenour, Joesph Gallegos, Kris Estep,, Shandi, Kevin Beverly, James Kidd, Glenn Dugan, Trey Slann, Brian Slann, Travis Hudson, Wade Rutledge, Jake Sanchez, Elizabeth Kelton, Billy Rodriguez, Sarah, Mason, Many more.....

All the best now and into the future!
Craig Bill Owner, Aquarium Technologies LLC.