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In a quest to get closer to nature, there has been tremendous interest in homes and businesses incorporating aquariums into their living and working space.  Aquariums are no longer what you remember, the old image of airtoys and goldfish. Now they are exciting professional freshwater or saltwater exhibits thriving right in front of your eyes!

Within this site you will find years of research and dedication to discover product resources that help define our company: unique, unusual, and custom.  Most retail stores and service companies find this uniqueness too difficult or time consuming to acquire.  Some of these resources include avoiding most aquariums and supplies that come on a truck that supplies regular, generic and standard products.  That is too easy and unimpressive.
Most of our aquariums come from custom fabrication companies from Texas to New York City, and even the Orient!  No acrylic or plastic aquariums here!
Prices subject to review and/or change without notice.