Care & Compassion Policy

Even though Aquarium Technologies takes great care to ensure a fishes' acclimation to their new environment such as heat or cool packs, pure oxygenated travel bags, flight schedules, forcasted weather conditions, and delivery methods, some fish do not accept captivity easily or not at all.  Some species of clownfishes, damselfishes, and coral are now being propagated in captivity very successfully, however, over 95% all marine livestock obtained by the aquarium industry are in fact wild caught.  May it be known that some animals may not respond to feeding no matter how good the conditions.  These animals include lionfishes, butterflyfishes, larger reef angels, and other specialty types.  It is the responsibility of Aquarium Technologies, and the aquarium trade as a whole, to carefully consider the well-being of such delicate aquatic animals placed in captivity.  These considerations are:
  • Compatibility with other animals
  • Providing adequate biological balances like filtration and water quality
  • A natural decor that allows an animal to 'feel' like it's habitating a natural home environment
  • Not ordering animals that are hypersensitive to traveling
  • Customer care for the animals in between or outside the care of Aquarium Technologies such as not overfeeding or other factors
Aquarium Technologies may issue specific instructions on certain situations, feeding guidelines, and/or custom care requirements.  It is Aquarium Technologies' right to refuse service or sales at anytime to anyone if one of the above conditions is not achieved or maintained.  care for our world!