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Designs & Dreams

Aquarium Technologies can custom design and integrate a dream aquarium from start to finish.  We develop the concept, budget, and timeline planning.  Each aquarium, whether stock or custom is manufactured individually for each client.  We work with contractors, designers, and architechs to coordinate the creation and final vision of your aquatic environment into your residence or workplace.  Most construction on the aquarium alone can be up to 6 weeks to 3 months.  In integrating your aquarium we consider:
  • Placement of aquarium to ambient light, and existing infastructure.  Both can have a huge impact on the success of an aquarium
  • Types of lighting i.e. placement, color, intensity...
  • Service access solutions and innovations
  • Filter type, placement, configuration and flow
  • Exhibit type
  • Utility support i.e. electricity placement, RO lines for top-off, plumbing from house to aquarium etc.
  • Heat or moisture exhaust if applicable
  • Recommended drain design system
  • Aesthetic considerations, i.e. maximum visibilty and enjoyment as it relates to interior design - structural angles, location, furniture arrangment and interior style
  • Attend architechtural & design meetings

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