Freshwater Maintenance Program

Aquarium Technologies also provides maintenance for aquariums purchased from us or for pre-existing ones. Freshwater aquarium exhibits are more economical than saltwater - making them largely accessible and highly popular displays.  We would like to introduce to your home or business the exciting world of aquarium  science in your place of business or where your heart is: your home.  Services include:
  • Vital high quality micron filtered/R.O.freshwater changes
  • Gravel Vacuum (hydrocleaning)
  • Maintaining/testing water quality parameters
  • Interior decor rotation...  no skimpy or low quality pet store items
  • Servicing all pumps and filters
  • Visits by a technician at least once a month
  • No extra charge for livestock delivery
  • No extra charge for emergency or stop-by calls, 24 hours
  • Consultation on aquarium's nature
  • Maintaining aquarium's overall appearance
  • Availability and discount of fresh and saltwater livestock  and supplies
  • Add needed Chemicals
  • Free medications if ever needed
  • Inspection of livestock for disease, or any complications
  • Immediate help reached with business phone and digital  mobile phone numbers
  • Commercially insured for your protection - we respect you and your property.
Aquarium Technologies is eager to offer services providing an opportunity for you to relax and enjoy your aquarium without the trouble of maintaining it yourself.  Please feel free to contact us regarding any aspect of our maintenance program.