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For The Planet

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Together, Aquarium Technologies and you our customer & clients are able to support aspects of our company mission.  If you have any ideas or resources that may help us, please contact us!  Here are a few of the growing commitments we have implemented as part of being a responsible community & planet business:

  • Purchasing only recylced or eco-friendly/sustainable products whenever possible.  These range from office products (invoice paper, ink, pens...) to sustainable protective collection practices of wild livestock (corals & fish).
  • Allocating funds back toward natural areas to assist in reclaimation of habitats, cultures, and communities.  Funds from customers and clients like you make this possible on a regular basis.  Certain customers and clients qualify for a direct adoption of reef and other habitat protection that is directly mailed to the person or business.  Call us for details on directly adopting an acre of reef or other endangered locations.
  • Water recycling techniques as it applies to our business internally (reuse of water and RO waste water for washing and utilities...)
  • Bulk and refillable products that reduce waste (plastic bottles, wrappers, etc...)
  • Avoiding products and companies that are involved in "Planned or Perceived Obsolescence".
  • Promoting electronic paperwork if and when possible.
  • Promoting area/local economy and businesses if and when possible.
  • Employees are actively engaged in recycling, sustainability, and green concepts and planning.
  • We desire to be zero waste company.  Any encouragement and help on this concept is needed from you!