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Due to the Pandemic, Oil Depression and a hostile & inflexible landlord, Aquarium Technologies is compelled to permanently close our retail location.  ALL SERVICING will continue and ramp back up to normal over time.

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Just in case any of you saw the damaging Facebook post by our landlord on her personal page recently, we did reply. She has since taken down; however, not before causing lots of further damage to our business and reputation. The person who posted did so maliciously and purposefully to achieve the intended outcome - her name is Gwyn Emfinger Boyles, who works for Maradi X, a leasing company from which we rented for 20 years on time every month even though the roof has been leaking for decades.

Here is our original response to her posting:

I'm Craig Bill, owner of Aquarium Technologies of 27 years. 20 of those years we have leased a space on Princeton and 10 of those years up to this week, we had our retail store location.  Due to the Pandemic, the oil industry depression and now a hostle and inflexible landlord, "Maradi X" (/Gwyn Emfinger Boyles) - we have had to abutptly shut down our business. As of late, AT has experienced a 60% drop in revenue, like most small businesses, of which is not our fault. I contacted MX to find a solution to the situation. I proposed that we move back onto one side (as we have two adjacent units) and reduce the rent in half until and hopefully that things get better for everyone. Gwyn refused to be flexible; instead proposed that we pay full rent for 1/2 of the spot; and she also proposed that we move our location (during the pandemic). Instead what she did was to lock us out, disguising an unlawful eviction as a lockout, and assumed that we abandoned the store. What she also did was to contact our former employee and did so assuming that we had abandoned OUR inventory. She also posted the pictures on her personal Facebook page, and assumed things illegally, that she should not have. She assumed that OUR inventory was now hers, but it isn't. As a matter of fact, a lockout not an eviction, it is intended for us to be compelled to pay - it is unlawful for her to have taken control of our inventory, contacted persons other than us to determine what could be done with said inventory, and posted our business information on her personal Facebook page. Not only have they (Maradi X) illegally circumvented eviction, she has also stolen inventory and supplies and we demand it back. Police report today and you will be held accountable for what you did to our inventory.

She removed her post, but she doesn't get to claim the moral high ground here, because she doesn't have that to claim. We do acknowledge that the post was taken down; however, again, not before uninformed people, customers and clientele saw it; and assumed things about our business and character.

Update: Public and private pressure allowed us to save the rest of the livestock.  I can confirm (and with the support of you all - which makes a difference more than you know) that all the rest of the livestock have been released and are safe during this evolving situation.

Update: Opportunistic persons seeking to directly contact our clientele during this time offering servicing or support will be aggressively confronted by our attorney, FYI.

In the meantime, we are setting up in a smaller location and can offer limited support for customers in the near future.  More news and information will come at some point.  Be sure to get on our newsletter (Primary) as well as our Facebook page for updates.

Compassion and Strength,
Craig Bill, Biologist

Aquarium Technologies of Texas

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Aquarium Technologies is a company whose passion is the protection and recognition our natural world... Our business is directed by the support of our customers and clients who share a fascination and appreciation of our planet's water environments.  We strive to provide an opportunity for others to explore and enjoy a tangible part of Earth's many wildlifes - that otherwise may never be possible or is difficult to experience.  Furthermore, It is difficult to advocate the protection and appreciation of these endangered and wonderful places if their beauty and natural expression is hidden away.  Aquarium Technologies seeks to carefully and conscientiously bring the treasures of our natural world closer to you.

It is the objective of Aquarium Technologies that the display of these precious resources by unharmful means will not only protect our aquatic wildlife, but present an opportunity to many people to experience an obscure part of their world in some direct way, a way that will encourage and cultivate an understanding and compassion for one of the least known environments on Earth.

Craig Bill, Aquarium Technologies