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Fish & Coral

Aquarium Technologies also offers freshwater and saltwater livestock and
premium marine living reef rock.   Just about anything you can dream of we can find!  Let us know if you would like to see any order books or request or recommend on our Face book page HERE.
Customer Guarantee
Even though we may not service your aquarium, we still offer the highest quality freshwater and saltwater fish, corals, and inverts that you purchase from our store.  Your livestock purchases are covered for 24 hours from purchase along with a water sample.  If water sample indicates an environment not healthy for your recent purchase, they may not be covered.  We assume that our customers have basic knowledge of aquarium science to help us determine a healthy environment.  Remember to give us lots of detail about your aquarium so that we can sufficiently help you!
Client Guarantee
Because Aquarium Technologies specializes in custom care and maintenance, we wish to provide the highest quality livestock by offering our livestock guarantee to our Permian Basin area clients.
As a service upgrade to our clients, all fish purchased from Aquarium Technologies  will be guaranteed  for one week as opposed to one day. This only applies to customers whose aquarium is serviced by our company AND have a current account with us. In the event of a loss, Aquarium Technologies will gladly replace your selection with an identical type or greater value fish. Replaced fish are not re-guaranteed. Just remember as always to fax, e-mail, or call if a loss occurs in order to update your credit for next aquatic delivery.
Either way, you MUST file your claim on our always open website without exception.  Go to "Contact Us" and click the link.  OR CLICK HEREJust remember to always claim your loss on this online form as soon as possible and within the guarantee time frame in order to update your credit for next aquatic delivery or store stop by.