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Free Aquariums!


Every so often we offer a promotion for free aquariums.  These aquariums are from people upgrading, downgrading, repossesed, and previously rented.  These aquariums are on a first come first served basis.  These free aquariums are offered with our one year maintenance(11-12 servicing) agreement.  The only thing other than a minimum $50/mo service fee is fish, new decor, or if a bulb or pump etc. if ever needed replacement.  You can get these things anytime during the agreement from us or other.  So Enjoy!

Current "as is" free aquarium Inventory:  Check Back Frequently!!!!

  • (2) 42 gallon hexagon w/ filter, tops, stand and gravel.  Great for corners. ready to go GONE
  • 30 gallon on black stand with filter lights and gravel.  $50/mo maintenance. GONE
  • 30 gallon hexagon w/ filter, tops, stand and gravel. Great for corners.  ready to go  GONE
  • 55 gallon 4 foot long, antique white with filter, decor, matching canopy, $67/mo maint. GONE
  • (2) DAS 75 gallon black trim ROOM DIVIDER  NO STAND (we can get stand) w/ filter, gravel, tops, ready to go (52 inches long, needs a surface to place it on) GONE
  • (2) 75 gallon w/filter stand, glass lids, gravel.  Ready to go.  $67/mo on maintenance program.  GONE
  • 195 gallon glass box w/ overflow (needs to be built-in and needs filter etc, a professional exhibit) GONE