Rental Program

Aquarium Technologies would like to introduce to your home or business the exciting world of aquariums. We will supply a fully equipped aquarium: tank, stand, lights, heater, thermometer, filters, gravel, plants, ornaments, etc..  The fish and their food is included. Even the lights are automated!  You never have to purchase aquarium supplies.  Aquarium Technologies does all the cleaning and maintenance, likewise, we maintain and correct all tank equipment if it fails to operate satisfactorily, at no expense to you. 

  • No time lease contracts unless desired 
  • Great for businesses to budget on - no varied costs! 
  • Commercially insured for your protection - we respect you and your property 
  • Emergency calls, no charge

Renting an aquarium is a wonderful experience. Brightly colored fish, beautiful decorations and live or life-like plants add continual enjoyment to your home or business ( tax deductible to most business accounts ). Aquarium Technologies can even design and decorate your rental aquarium to match the interior of any room. 

Rental aquariums are a beautiful addition to many waiting rooms and lobbies. Adults and children become more relaxed while observing nature's own 'tranquilizers' in an aquarium.  Studies have shown that aquariums are excellent for stress management.  Blood pressure reductions of 15 to 30 points are common in people with hypertensive high blood pressure conditions.  Many doctors feel that aquariums are worth while physiological and psychological therapy. Your aquarium will certainly be an aesthetically pleasing addition that will become the focal point of any room.  Join the millions of people who have found education, entertainment and relaxation of being part of the wonderful world of tropical fish.  Tropical fish are something everyone can enjoy!