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Superior Service

Aquarium Technologies is a full service aquarium maintenance company; this provides you, the client, with our full attention and superior service. Our primary interest is the continued health and prosperity of your aquarium. We have been creating professional aquarium environments statewide for over 20 years.

  • Commitment:

You can take comfort in knowing that our 24-hour Emergency Service is available to address your concerns or questions at any time. When the unexpected occurs, we will be there. We Love Our Job!

  • Quality:

Aquarium Technologies will impress you with what is inside our aquariums. We take pride in every creature residing in our clients and customers aquariums, from beautiful peacock African cichlids to the saltwater star polyp coral to the custom woodwork.  We also do more than sell products or livestock - each product, service, or live animal we use must be of quality because we are on locations designing with them for over 20 years - We can not provide quick sale items and unprofessional service if we work with them in your home or office!  That's business suicide!   Furthermore, our staff is selected from individuals who have an interest in the field we call home. Employees of Aquarium Technologies are degreed, schooling, or certified people that have no background marks. And, of course, we are commercially insured to protect you and your property. We respect you!

  • Beware:

Here are a few areas we often see corners cut in this industry: Freshwater aquarium configurations sold as saltwater aquariums, Undersized/oversized pumps, low quality light bulbs & fixtures, homemade/under-rated filters & light systems, unorganized & bare wiring, improper plumbing, low grade construction material in aquariums, overflow/drain line flow problems, skimpy & low quality decorations, no purified/treated water just tap, etc... Unfortunately the list can go on but these are some common corners cut. 

  • Unique:

We strive to find unique, unusual and high end products that other retail stores and service companies find too difficult or time consuming to acquire. Some of these resources include avoiding most aquariums and supplies that come on a truck that supplies regular, generic and standard production items. That is too easy and unimpressive. Most of our aquariums come from custom fabrication companies from Texas to New York City, and even the Orient! We are the only authorized company in Texas for AV bent glass aquariums. No acrylic or plastic aquariums here!